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Nicolle Smith

Website update!


Due to the sad fact that we are currently all social distancing and can't see you all at our shop we've recently been adding a variety of new products and deals to our website over at Riderwear that we'd really like you to check out!


Apart from our new stock of ICON and LS2 Helmets we've also got some great deals on our Adults Body Armour! Only £44.99 with a free neck brace! For the kids we are also running a deal on Wulf's 2020 Forte Suit where you can get a full suit with a 3GO Helmet AND goggles for £100.99! Interested in any of those deals? Find the links below:



Keen eyes will also notice that the website now has a blog! Head over and check it out for some fresh takes on our products!


Please note our website is still very young so we are always learning, any feedback would really be appreciated and if you have any problems drop us a message on here and we'll help the best we can!


Phone: 01916030554

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